About DJA


Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) is a public institution whose mission is to promote the principles of good governance and decentralization and monitor the practices of good governance in political, public and private institutions. The institution also coordinates and supports media sector development. It registers, empowers and monitors civil society organizations and enhances civic participation.

In addition, RGB conducts research and studies related to governance, documents homegrown solutions and provides policy advocacy to the government for achieving good service delivery, sustainable development and prosperity.

The law n°56/2016 of 16/12/2016 establishing the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and determining its mission, organization and functioning gives RGB the mandate to, among others; promote media sector development and provide advice on its operations.

It is in this framework that RGB in partnership with the Media High Council, the Media Self Regulatory Body, the Association of Rwanda Journalists and the United Nations Development Program is organizing the annual Development Journalism Awards whose main objective is to recognize and promote excellence and professionalism by awarding best-performing journalists and media houses.

The 7th annual Development Journalism Awards will be held on 08th November 2019 at Kigali Convention Center (KCC). This event will coincide with the celebration of the Africa Day of Information.  Over 28 awards will be given to outstanding journalists in different categories and best media houses.